Why I Blog

I am a true foodie.  My husband Joe is always amazed that while enjoying a meal I ‘m planning the next one.  My three boys, Jack, Chris, and Ryan are pleased about my love of cooking and especially baking.  They’re always available for “taste testing.”

I started this blog over a year and a half ago, it’ll be 2 years in October.  I’ve always loved experimenting in the kitchen and love sharing my recipes.  I found myself writing down recipes for family and friends an awful lot.  I thought why not put all of my recipes on line so that anyone interested could use them.

Meal time is the heart of the home.  There is nothing like sitting down to a dinner that is both nourishing and delicious.  Let’s not forget the bonding and conversation we enjoy when we sit down together to enjoy a meal.  Using good ingredients and scratch cooking does not need to be complicated.

I try to limit the amount of convenience foods in my house.   (Mind you, I am not above frozen pizzas and a short list of convenience foods on occasion.)   With a little planning ahead and a stocked pantry, dinner can be on the table in no time without all of those crazy ingredients we cannot pronounce.  Click on the “Pantry List” table for a list of must-have pantry items.

I do my best to make my recipes easy to follow and with ingredients most of us are familiar with.  I am a baker at heart.  I believe that  if you’re going to have a treat, why not enjoy a delicious homemade one made with real ingredients.

I am enjoying this journey more than you’ll know.   I have many, many more ideas up my sleeve.  Please keep visiting!